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Compliance & Grievance Form

The SFCBLA encourages meaningful dialogue and amicable conflict resolution between masqueraders and their respective mas bands as a first option. If you are a masquerader and this is your first time raising concerns about a matter, we strongly recommend that you contact the management of your Mas Band directly and allow them the opportunity to resolve same.

If however, you are not satisfied or feel the need for a mediator on the matter we invite you to submit your complaint to us. We promise to do our best to ensure that both parties arrive at a mutually agreeable position. 


Section Title

The Compliance and Grievance Committee will give priority to the following complaints at this time:

Please describe the situation in detail (include specifics of date, time, location, etc)

Please provide a supporting document, including names and contact information of any witnesses to the matter. We will accept PDFs only.
This is to ensure that  documents submitted to us are non-editable documents.

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Is this your first time raising concerns about this matter?



Please review the details of your contact information, supporting document and the complaint report on this Compliance & Grievance Form completely before submitting your complaint to the SFCBLA. All submissions will be held with the strictest of confidentiality.

Your complaint has been submitted.

Please note that a written response will be provided

within sixty (60) days from receipt of the complaint.

Please ensure that all required fields are completed before submitting your Complaint & Grievance form.

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