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About Us

SFCBLA's History

Founded in 2005, the South Florida Carnival Band Leaders Association, Inc (SFCBLA) is a not for profit organization whose main purpose is to promote educational, cultural, social, and recreational activities pertaining to the Caribbean Carnival and to foster respect and cultural growth between the diverse ethnicity in South Florida.


The SFCBLA also works to ensure Carnival mas bands and masqueraders are not exploited by promoters and other entities.

The Vision

The SFCBLA vision is to contribute to the multiculturalism, diversity and inclusive community building of South Florida, providing a unique perspective and experience to visitors and tourists.

SFCBLA vision is to help brand a city competitively in the minds of many companies when thinking of a host city for their events.

SFCBLA vision is to help increase revenues such as (sales and occupancy) taxes for the local government, hotels, restaurants, transportation, retail, and entertainment businesses. All events will precede the Miami Carnival which will merge the city connection to that of the greater concept Carnival.



"The showcase was amazing. The best ever! I can't wait for next year."


"Thank you for such an amazing experience. This was life!"

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Miami Carnival Snapshot

Where do the attendees come from? 

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Mode of transportation

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Travel Party Size In Percentages

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Approximate spend at the Carnival

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Satisfaction and Intent to return

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